• World’s First Campaign to Support Family Doctors Launched at the Vatican

    SOMOS Community Care, backed by the Pontifical Academy for Life, is promoting an awareness campaign on the role and vocation of primary care physicians. On November 16, at the Vatican, the nonprofit SOMOS Community Care, represented by its president, Dr. Ramón Tallaj, and its CEO, Dr. Mario Paredes, launched the world’s first campaign to support…

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  • Doctor Ramón Tallaj, SOMOS Community Care, Papa FRancisco

    The Vocation of the Primary Care Physician

    Address by Dr. Ramón Tallaj, President of the non-profit association SOMOS Community Care, at the unveiling of the global campaign “Thank You, Doctor!” held on the 16th of November, in Vatican City. I am a doctor by vocation and mission, and I am delighted that we are presenting this Global Declaration and doing so here,…

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  • Mario Paredes, Somos Community Care, Papa Francisco

    Caring for Those Who Care for Us – The Global Campaign “Thank You, Doctor!” is Born

    Address by Dr. Mario Paredes, Chief Executive Officer of SOMOS Community Care, during the press conference for the launch of the worldwide initiative “Thank You, Doctor!” on the 16th of November in Vatican City. Without the doctors who care and treat us, we would not be here today. Without family physicians, so many people in…

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  • Doctor Filippo Anelli, presidente de la Federación Nacional de Médicos de Italia

    The general practitioner, an agent of humanization

    Intervention of Dr. Filippo Anelli, president of the National Federation of Doctors of Italy, in presenting the “Thank you, doctor!” campaign in Vatican City on November 16th. The general practitioner is the most important tool for humanizing public health. It is based on an ongoing relationship that is established between the physician and the citizen…

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  • El arzobispo Vincenzo Paglia, junto a médicos, presenta la Declaración por el reconocimiento del papel del médico d familia al Papa Francisco

    Family doctors, “good Samaritans”

    Intervention by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, at the press conference presenting the “Thank you, doctor!” campaign in Vatican City, on November 16, 2024. Good morning and thank you all for your presence this morning. Thank you to Dr. Filippo Anelli for agreeing to participate and to SOMOS Community Care…

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  • The First Global Campaign for the Family Doctor to Launch at the Vatican

    ROME, NOVEMBER 6. On Thursday, November 16, the Vatican will witness the launch of the first global campaign to advocate for the role of the primary care physician or family doctor. The initiative, under the slogan “Thank You, Doctor!” (Thankyoudoctor.org), addressing a concern repeatedly expressed by Pope Francis, aims to respond to the healthcare system…

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Promoters of the “Declaration”